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US History

US is a country that is highly developed but it has had a very interesting history with wars and a lot of industrialization. Although US did not play a major role in the WWI, it tried to bring peace between nations. The country tried to remain neutral all through and just witness the war but this did not last. There are preparations, which each country has to practice in order to be prepared to curb wars or win in them.

The Total War Family

War is not any way beneficial regardless of the country is it taking place. Whenever there is war, the countries involved are out looking for solutions to stop the war and be at peace so that the residents can be able to engage in their economically productive tasks. In total war, a country needs to be geared up and ready for it at all circumstances. This case is seen in America whenever they are going out for war. The people who were living in American in the 1800 had a different form of an American dream from those who are living in the country today. They were meant to get a slave, get a farm and live without the control of the government. A person who lived the American life had also to have power in that he held a senior position in the government. A good example is Ike who was the supreme allied commander with the only person above him being the president. He was not only popular domestically but also internationally. Her belonged to the democrats and immediately after serving his term, he was preceded by Truman who made it five terms for the democrats in power. This is a proof that the total war family belonged to the democrats who served the longest period in the United States.

America belonged to the whites who pretended to be following the constitution laws but only to favor themselves. They were sure that if they treated the whites and the blacks differently, this would be unfair and illegal. They thus decided to design on two different items in every part of the sector starting from bathrooms to schools to everything. This segregation was racists of the highest order for it ensured that the two different races did not intermingle in any circumstances.
The biggest problem that arose during that time was the worries that a country like Vietnam was defeating America even though it was as though it was living in the Stone Age technology. They had high technology developments even though they were not as sophisticated as America, which had invented even guns. This made it a campaigning reason since all wanted to be elected to come up with solutions on how to get out of Vietnam. The only big reason is how to control the media so that it can say what the government wants it to say.

After any country is provoked, it has to get into war to defend its rights. This will mean that the country is a total war family for it is the one to start the war. All who start the war are prepared to win. America stayed neutral during World War I and this made it benefit by supporting both sides by making money. There are several reasons that make America the total war family. To begin with, it did not engage in war since it did not see any benefits come from it. It was struggling to recover from the great depression rather than get soldiers into barracks and continue feeding them so that they can fight.
Total war can be defined as an epic strategy game and so far, it is the best strategy that has ever been formed. The total war family has to be designed in a manner that will enable it win. It consists of both evolutionary and revolutionary strategies. Its main aim is to build on its predecessors featuring on real time war battles with much concentration on historical detail and realism. Total war can be used in two designs in which one of them is that of conquering provinces and cities and making improvements with moving armies around the place while the second one is that of using maneuvers and tactics to crush the opponent in combat.
Total war families are usually in groups and these groups have connections even after the war has ended. They are no longer in use but they do not die completely this is usually followed by great depression which has to force the president to announce a war on poverty. The president has in this new war to declare that he has to control all the c=sectors of the economy including families so that the country can survive. The second world war starts and the trend continues with the president in control of everything including the media.

The Industrial Revolution

The growth of industries grew at a large rate after the Second World War as residents were preparing in same occurrences. People had witnessed very brutal acts and even though no one wanted it to happen again, they had to be prepared after, they started seeing the world as being pessimistic only. In the 1800 th century, nothing existed that was seen to be industrialized at all. There were no machines, refrigerators, televisions and radios among others. During the war, countries were struggling to win and this so to it that they were producing the strongest weapons.

The American dream has to be changed to in order to match with the phase of industrialization in the country. Initially, people were for the American dream when they had slaves and lands and living without any control of the government. Today, the American dream has to be more focused. One has to have wealth, live happily and adhere to rules of the land. There should be no form of racism for one to be seen as being industrialized. With high industrialization in the country, the best hope for humankind is offered.

With industrialization, there are issues of child labor that arise in a country. For instance, many children are employed in coalmines because the shafts build are small. The girls on the other hand are employed in lubricating machines and paid very little simply because they are children. Although the kids suffer physically by getting cuts, they as well suffer psychologically as they are forced to skip their kids stage and become adults who are able to support their families. .
Industrialization has led to pollution, as there is no fresh air to breathe in anymore. So many effluents are let to flow into the waters as well as other wastes for instance mercury, which get into the water freely. All the water that is used to cool the machines in the industries is run back into the river increasing the pollution rates. With industrialization, immigrants issue becomes a threat to a country as people flock into the developed countries in search of jobs. This does not only ensure the loss of the young youth to other countries but also the educated ones. This can further lead to racisms depending on the country in question. The whites on racial grounds will mistreat the blacks.

Industrialization has a number of negative effects as discussed above but this does not mean that there are no positive effects. As people work, they are entitled to better lives from the amount of money they earn. Unemployment rate is decreased and this raises the economy of the country involved. The working class of people is able to cater for their expenses and this reduces crime rates in the country as everybody has something to feed on. With industrialization, a country is able to provide better social amenities to its residents. This include schools, hospitals and roads this makes.

The best idea that has to be adopted in the industries is that of assimilation in that the employees in the organization talk in the same language and behave the same. This ensures that there is unity and cooperation in the workplace. When a country becomes industrialized, it now becomes able to cater for its daily expenses and thus top borrowing form other countries or the World Bank.

Significance of World War I and causes of World War II

After the First World War that took place in the 1950s, the people from US could only remember having peace in the 1920s. This war had taken quite a long period around five years and had left then economy in American in a bad shape. The country suffered from a great depression, which it had to struggle to recover from. So many people were left wounded while others were left dead. No single person was not affected by this war either directly r indirectly with many people left homeless and with no property or anywhere to run to. The soldiers had to participate fully in the war even forgetting their families and killing their loved ones. This made them prisoners of war who are not free and act just like they are directed to do.

Not all people supported the war for many of them felt its effects and thus had to oppose. This marked the start of war opposition by using all means, which could end the war. Immediately after the war, many of the countries had to cooperate and sign treaties that were meant to protect any form of future wars of this nature. Other countries especially Germany was forced to take part in war reparations and this triggered the start of World War II. After the war, peace was maintained through forceful measures as Germany was forced to sign up agreeing to be the starters of the war. This was the reason they had to pay costs to cater for the war expenses. Further, the size of its country was reduced while those of France and |Italy were increased.

For countries like Europe, so many debts had been incurred in efforts to cater for the war costs. This was the main cause of a very severe form of inflation in most of the countries. America helped all its allies in the war and this forced all the countries, which were indebted to print more money to pay for their bills making inflation rise at very high levels. People had witnessed the brutality of war and thus were not optimistic with life any more but only so everything in its negative side. They lost faith in their political leaders as well as all the other government officials. To the residents, there was no need of the war for it only caused destructions and bad memories. Most of the governments opted for the republican form of a government.

Depression was not experienced in the same levels at all countries since it was better in the United States. While unemployment rate was only 25% in the United States, it had gone to between 50% and 60% in other countries including Europe and Asia. This was because of capitalism, democracy and free market systems, which made the countries, fail. The war is thought to have had improvement of the technology sector since each country was struggling on coming up with new technological weapons which could have made it win. As a result, chemicals, radios, automobiles and airplanes were invented to helping the fighting. The weapons to be used in the war had also to be of high quality to ensure victory.

Although WWI was fought for around five years, the reasons as to why it was fought were not settled. Germany was forced to stop the war by being forced to sign up documents, which were to prove that it was the main reason WWI started. This implies that the problems were not settled but rather forced to appear as if they had ended. Germany was highly pressed such that the ex soldiers had to join the army and thus trigger another war resulting to World War II. This was the main reason by it was supported by some other causes including nationalistic tensions and the great depression effects.

After Nazi Germany invaded Poland while Empire of Japan invaded Republic of China, the Second World War started. The Germans felt that they were being pressed since all the blame of the effects of World War I was placed on them. They were looking for means to defend theirselves and this was the main cause of World War II for they invaded Poland.

Advertising, mass marketing, mass communication and U. S. culture in the 1920s

Advertising has become the trend of marketing in all the countries all over the world. The right time to advertise as well as the targeted audience should be determined before the advert is being designed. The financial allocation should also be specified so that the advert becomes a success. Advertising changes the notion a buyer has on the kind of product he or she wants to buy and this makes it possible to increase sales by convincing people to buy what one is selling. Advertising is a form of imagination but it changes the way people consume by increasing the volumes they consume and also changing the brands they buy. Mass marketing and mass communication has to be done to influence consumption rates. This type of advertising did not exist in the United States in the 1920s for people could only consume only what they had faith in. Since there were no forms of electronics to have the adverts announced, it was hard to have the adverts too. They did not keep on tasting everything that has come to the market. There was no way they could be convinced to buy some items they had never seen before.

In order for the advert to pass the intended message, the combination of the colors and the images should be perfect. It should also be directed to the right targeted group. For instance, the words used by Mein Kempf to write a book which is printed few days before his releases from the jail and affords to be the fifth best selling book. It shows that his words are touchy and thus forces many clients want to have the book.

Advertising is sometimes seen as the one that dictates what people should do. This is because a person is not for an idea but once it has been advertised, he wants to do as it has been in the advert. A person is aware that he is need of something but due to the variety of items that has been created in the United States, it is very difficult to decide on the product one wants. Other people do not see the need of some items although they are essential to their lives. For instance, a person in the U. S might have used the old system of washing for quite a long time that he does not see the need of a washing machine. Another person might have might just opt for a candle rather than electricity. With advertising, they get to purchase these items.

Unites states is usually more developed when compared to some other countries for it uses advertising to create demand. People are made to purchase the items they did not even think of. A company has to be innovative so that it makes its products look qualitative in the eyes of the customers. Through this, they will win the customers over their competitors and it is advertising which can make this dreams come true.

With a good network of communication and transportation, a firm is able to reach wide range of customers regardless of the distance. This makes people in almost all over the country behave the same and this is what is termed as mass culture and mass entertainment as people can share same cultures and entertainments.

Mass marketing is of great help when it comes to mass marketing. It is able to reach to a wide range of people in a very short time. For instance, marketing of cool was done in the 1920s and since it was with the aid of the media, it was very efficient. It just needs somebody who has a catchy message and this will make the targeted group purchase whatever it is advertised to them in groups.


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